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Jmaisiu 2T Game SSD Playzone

Jmaisiu 2T Game SSD Playzone

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  • 🎮 Dual System Integration: Built-in Retrobat and Playnite dual gaming systems, cater to retro game lovers and AAA PC gamers at the same time. A total of 38,633 games, no duplicates! Not just quantity, we pay more attention to game quality
  • 💻 Wide Compatibility: Compatible with Steamdeck/Rogally/OneXplayer/PC with Windows 8.1 and above. Compatible with Mac if Windows is installed, but does not support native MacOS
  • 🕹 Comes with Dual Cables: The retro console comes with USB-C to USB-A and USB-C to USB-C cables for compatibility with a wide variety of devices. There is no need for an additional adapter, which brings you more convenience
  • High-speed Storage: SSD technology is used to store and access data, which is 500% faster than traditional retro game HDD. It supports 10Gbps transmission, and the measured writing speed is about 950M/s. Adding games is faster and easier
  • Easy Game Management: Windows directly reads drive partitions, making it easy to add or remove games without any hassle. Simple interactive interface, save your favorites in one piece, easily record game time, and create your personalized game library

2T Game SSD

Playzone is the ultimate gaming companion that combines power, versatility, and convenience. With its built-in dual system, it caters to both PC gamers and retro gaming enthusiasts. The Playnite system supports AAA PC games, while the Retrobat system brings back the nostalgia with compatibility for retro gaming consoles. With a total game count of 38,633, Playzone offers an extensive library to satisfy every gamer's cravings

plug and play

dual systems80+ emulators


Safe and Private                                 26+ System Languages

Playnite doesn't store any user                26+ system languages, easy to
information on remote servers.                set.  Completely break down 
All information about your library            language boundaries
is stored locally on your PC                        

Fast Transmission                                        Colorful Marquee

Utilizes SSD technology for storing         Display colorful marquees in
and accessing data, delivering a             reading and writing state; 
500% faster speed compared to              Displayed as a breathing light
traditional HDDs                                            in standby mode

How to build an SSD into a computer?

To build an SSD into a computer, you can follow these steps:
1. Please try the above steps to remove the SSD from the hard drive case
2. Turn off the computer and unplug it from the power source.
3. Open the computer case by removing the screws or latches on the side panel.
4. Locate an available drive bay in your computer case where you can install the SSD.
5. Carefully align the SSD with the drive bay
6. Slide the SSD into the drive bay until it is securely seated.
7. Use screws or other fasteners to secure the SSD in place if required.
8. Connect the SATA data cable to the SSD and the motherboard. Make sure it is firmly connected.
9. Connect the SATA power cable to the SSD. This cable should come from the power supply unit.
10. Close the computer case and secure it with the screws or latches.
11. Plug in the computer and turn it on.
12. Now you can have fun playing games!

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