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Hyper Base RB 500G/2T Game Console HDD with 64668+/10000+ Retro Games

Hyper Base RB 500G/2T Game Console HDD with 64668+/10000+ Retro Games

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  • 🎮[100% Play and Play] No driver required. you can directly run game system in Windows, no need to enter Bios switching system. With the portable game hard disk, you're literally owning multiple retro gaming console
  • 🎮[USB 3.0 Interface] The retro game HDD is equipped with a SATA 3.0 to USB 3.0 data cable, which has fast transmission speed, up to 6Gb/s. (As used for storage capacity, one gigabyte (GB) = one billion bytes and one terabyte (TB) = one trillion bytes)
  • 🎮[Custom Your Game Library] Add your favorite games directly, with super fast read and write speeds. Supports downloading and installing all the software you need for a good retro gaming experience on your Windows PC
  • 🎮【Retrobat Gaming System】Only supported on 64 Bit Windows 8.1/10/11. Please check your PC by right clicking ‘This PC’ and choose ‘Properties’. Processor:CPU with SSE2 support. 3 GHz and Dual Core, not older than 2008 is highly recommended.
  • 🎮[Support 26+ Games System Languages] Support 26+ languages, including English/Spanish/French/Russian/Portuguese/Japanese/Korean/Arabic, applicable to more countries and regions, breaking the language boundary

    Two specifications for your choice

  • 500GB (64468 games pre-installed)
  • 2TB (100000 games pre-installed)

The only difference between the two specs is the capacity and the number of games .

If you want to check the list of games, please contact our online sales representative


RetroBat 4.0.2 Gaming System

Please follow the instructions to install RetroBat before running the Hyper Base RB2

RetroBat software is designed to configure automatically EmulationStation frontend with RetroArch and standalone emulators.
 With it you will be quickly able to run games from a ROMs collection. You can save a lot of time you can keep to play!
 RetroBat enables accessing and adding games to run directly from within Windows, without having to enter Bios to switch systems.


  • VC++ Redistributables (both 32 & 64 bits)
  • DirectX

Easy to add/delete games

 Hyper Base RB500 with Retrobat game system can be directly read in windows

1. Find the hard disk partition in windows

2. Find the "roms" folder

Rich Functions

Save game progress easily. Support for pausing or loading the game

26+ SystemLanguages

Support multiple languages to switch at will, you can spend a pleasant game time with your foreign friends!

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