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Hyper Base BC 2TB Game HDD with 52247 Games, Batocera 35

Hyper Base BC 2TB Game HDD with 52247 Games, Batocera 35

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52247 Nostalgic Games & 84 Emulators

Modern life is stressful and needs a way to relax. We have added classic game console on the basis of the original daily necessities sales, we hope to make your life convenient and get a good mood at the same time.

Retro gaming is a childhood memory of our generation that has accompanied us through lovely times. We're committed to recreating the fun of old-school games, adding new designs and new life to them, for those of you who also love retro games.

How to boot into Batocera 35

1, Connect the HDD to your PC or Mac, USB 3.0 port is recommended

2, After pressing the power button, keep tapping ESC or Delete on your keyboard to enter BIOS. For Mac user, simply hold Option and choose the HDD to boot into

3, By choosing the Hard Drive in the boot override option, your PC will boot into Batocera for once, after restarting it will get back to your own OS. If you’d like Batocera as default booting option, go to the Boot page and set the hard drive as Boot Option #1

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